Placement of Metatarsal Pads

Dec 2nd 2020

Correct placement of met pads for metatarsal arch support is critical to ensure the pad is in the right place and adequately supports the metatarsal arch. There is a common misconception that metatarsal pad needs to be placed under the ball of foot. Ball of foot area is right behind your toes and the metatarsal pad should not be placed there.To find the right position for the pad, do the following. Palpate your forefoot. In the area of the ball you will find the bony metatarsal heads. The pad should be positioned directly below the soft part of the foot immediately behind the metatarsal heads.

Metatarsal arch is located behind metatarsal heads, just as displayed on this image:

There is another trick: check the footprint inside your shoes’ insoles. The metatarsal heads leave slight depressions on the insoles indicating their exact position. On some insoles you will see a slight discoloration or wear of the material from the metatarsal heads. Draw a line with a pencil and place the met pad right behind it, just like on this image: