Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy your products?

You can buy our products online from our partners (see More Info page), in a local store (use Store Locator) or directly from us

  • How do you pronounce "pedag"?

English speakers say "PED ag" but Germans pronounce it "PAY dag".

  • What if I wear a 1/2 size?

We suggest 1/2 sizes wear the next larger whole size.

  • Do Pedag® insoles and inserts come in pairs?


  • Where do I place a metatarsal pad?

For a detailed guide click here

  • A little metatarsal pad advice

The location of the metatarsal pad is somewhat a matter of personal comfort. Because the self-adhesive backing is very effective, it is a good idea to experiment first using double-sided sticky tape before removing the adhesive backing. Based on our detailed guide (PDF above), once you are satisfied with the position, mark around it and then expose the adhesive, applying it carefully where marked.

    • All items with VIVA® as part of the name have identical orthotic elements. The metatarsal pads, heel cushions and polypropylene, semi-rigid, mid foot arch support are identical.
    • Each VIVA® Family item has surface and secondary material differences. For example, VIVA® WINTER has 3 layers of effective thermal insulation, VIVA® SPORT has an effective resilient shock absorbing surface, VIVA® OUTDOOR has a surface made of non-abrasive felted jute and active charcoal odor control. VIVA® and VIVA®HIGH are made of the finest vegetable tanned cowhide and also have active charcoal odor control. VIVA® SUMMER and VIVA®SNEAKER are made using pure cotton terry and durable sisal. They are hand washable and perfect to wear sockless. VIVA®SPORT is also hand washable, VIVA® MINI is 3/4 length so it fits easily in sandals and shoes with tight toe boxes. Read about each insole in detail to help you make your choice.
  • How do I know which orthotic to buy for my foot problem? The best way is to have your podiatrist recommend one of our orthotics, but if this is not an option then
    • First, look at our Foot Conditions page and see if your problem is discussed.
    • Next, look at our list of all insoles and browse the suggestions mentioned on the Foot Conditions page for your condition.
    • If your problem is not mentioned exactly by name or if you do not have a diagnosis from a podiatrist, look at the conditions that address the part of the foot that bothers you.
    • Then read about the orthotics mentioned using the list of all our insoles page.
    • Finally, our orthotics such as VIVA®VIVA® SUMMERVIVA® WINTERVIVA® MINIVIVA® OUTDOOR and VIVA® SPORT are constructed so that any foot, except one with an extreme condition that has seriously deformed its structure, will benefit from the support these insoles provide. These orthotics are designed as much for prevention of problems as they are for relief of problems.
  • Adjusting the thermo-plastic (polypropylene) longitudinal arch

Pedag® insoles with thermo-plastic (polypropylene) footbeds include: VIVA®VIVA® HIGHVIVA® OUTDOORVIVA® SUMMER, VIVA®SNEAKERVIVA® MINIVIVA® WINTERVIVA® SPORT and HOLIDAY. The longitudinal arch area of all these insoles can be heat molded and adjusted to your specific arch height. Adjusting the arch is usually unnecessary. The vast majority of Pedag® customers never need to change the height of the arch:

However, if you wish to raise or lower the arch you can use the following procedure:

    • Warm only the longitudinal arch area of the polypropylene orthotic foot-bed using a hair dryer or heat gun.
    • When the polypropylene unit is warm it will become pliable. It should NOT be so hot that your skin is uncomfortable in any way.
    • Using your thumbs, make small adjustments-raising or lowering the arch a few millimeters at a time.
    • Try the orthotic after each adjustment and see if it feels right. If one foot has a higher or lower arch than the other foot, each insole can be adjusted differently. Whatever is most comfortable is fine.
    • Once you think you have found the correct height, wear the insole for a few hours and see if you are satisfied.
    • If you are not satisfied and want to try again, repeat the above steps.
  • Should I put Pedag® orthotic items underneath or on top of the shoe manufacturer's insole?
    • Most Pedag® orthotic items are very low profile so they can fit into a great variety of foot wear.  When there is sufficient room in the shoe, full length and 3/4 length Pedag® orthotics should be placed ON TOP of the shoe manufacturer's insole. This is so your foot gets the full benefit of the arch support and metatarsal pads. Pedag® orthotics focus on support rather than cushioning. The cushioning provided by the shoe manufacturer is usually adequate, especially in athletic and comfort shoes. Shoes without adequate cushioning, such as sleek high heels or dressy business shoes, usually do not have room for a cushioned insole
    • Pedag® small heel and longitudinal arch inserts may be fine placed under the shoe manufacturer's insole. Specifically, Pedag®PERFEKTSTABILCORRECTSTEPBALANCEPOINTPOINT PLUS and CORRECT PLUS. We have no strong recommendation about these type of items, so please try both under and over to see which feels best.
    • A final reason to put Pedag® items on top of the manufacturer's insole is that Pedag® uses skin friendly, high quality natural or man-made materials that allow your feet to breathe, absorbs moisture and protects your shoe's interior