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pedag® QUEEN is a 3/4 insole made of fine leather that provides support for splayed feet. It is extra-slim and thin to fit even into fashionable and elegant shoes. The metatarsal pad of pedag® QUEEN keeps the metatarsal bones in their anatomical...

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pedag® FIXI is ultra thin gel 1/2 size insole that provides maximum grip in your forefoot, even when wearing fine hosiery, guarantying non-sleeping. Self-adhesive properties ensure stickiness and can be easily swapped to a different shoe. Please...

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pedag® FEEL GOOD is a gel forefoot cushion with an anatomically shaped metatarsal pad. Virtually invisible and movable. Lifts and spreads the metatarsal heads to relieve nerve pain, burning and stinging. Ideal if there is little space in the shoe...